Ewaider&Co offers strategic services of Outsourcing and Consultancy since 2011. It was founded by Eric Waidergorn, a professional with over 10 years of experience in Outsourcing and Consultancy, who was part of the top Brazilian firm in this field, and fifth in the whole world.

Ewaider&Co was established due to the high number of clients’ turnover at the end of the period and the main factor was the need to personalize the attention, since they try to find an extension of their own company in Brazil amongst the Outsourcing services, which also understand their business thoroughly and act proactively.

Emphasizing on the pillars of personalized attention and intensive understanding of their clients’ business, Ewaider&Co knows that those pillars are factors contributing with the reduction of failures and they potentialize trustworthiness in the services. The outcome of our work impacts drastically on cost reduction in the accounting, legal, fiscal, financial and human resources sections. Therefore, Ewaider&Co focuses 100% on the attention of the international customers in Brazil, emphasizing in the management of all back office departments as if we were part of their corporation.
Our engagement goes beyond consultancy services; Ewaider&Co provides skilled know-how to the customers.

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