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Technical partner at Ewaider&Co. His practice focuses mainly in development software, languages, processes and controls, conception, planning and development of projects and integrated solutions in the technology sector.

He worked for firms such as IDscan, STP Europe, TV1, RC8 and Briquet Multimidia/Digibox, and for clients such as Hutchison (3 mobile), Vodafone, Visa, Embratur, Caixa Seguradora, Sandander, among others. Also he tooks part in the implantation of the border control system in almost 18 different countries.

Specialized in Project Management – Business Strategy by King’s College of London and graduate in Propaganda and Marketing.



languages_iconPortuguese and English

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Transparency at all levels, make tangible the holistic vision to the stakeholders.

 What our business is about

corporate_consulting_thumbCorporate Consulting and Advisory

Personalized attention is our great highlight in consulting. With fast and effective answers, we offer the safety and reliability that the international customer is used to and needs in a new challenge.

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For a complete assistance and management of your firm, besides the right labor and process consultancy, we administrate the necessary records and upkeep the documents of admission and dismissal of collaborators, as well as the preparation of the payroll and tax deductions.

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lawLegal and Paralegal

Relying on a team of lawyers, specialized on the main areas of business law, we assist the firms to establish and register at the official offices, to prepare international proxies, to look for the background of future employees or administrators, we offer the necessary consultancy to make contracts,  requirements, risks and labor policies.

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In order to facilitate the internationalization process of the foreign company in Brazil, even before they make a decision to establish in Brazil, we clarify the cultural and bureaucratic particularities, the local political and economic scenario, the main competitors and the target clients, the possible financial and tributary incentives for each business.

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 treasuryTreasury Services

With the awareness that the treasury of the firms in Brazil is a critical matter as the business expands into new horizons, treasury requires reliability, organization and loyalty, we provide its management for our clients, preparing the scores and bills to collect.

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 taxAccounting and Tax Compliance

The major challenges for a firm willing to establish in Brazil are inherent to the accounting and tax compliance practices, due to the complexity and constant variations of the Brazilian legislation regarding taxes.

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special_servicesSpecial Services

Besides the above mentioned services, thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we also manage other special needs of our clients.

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