Eric WaidergornEric Waidergorn, after an executive career of many years at the top Brazilian firm in this field, and fifth in the whole world, took over the direction of one of the largest auditing firms of the world to create their Outsourcing section. For that firm, Eric hired the best professionals with whom he had worked along his Outsourcing career, people with the same “customer focus” mentality, in order to implement his premises.


After he began the department he headed from scratch, it was achieved excellence in his services and, in a market with a 30% turnover, he obtained 0% during all that period, as well as 100% of customers approval and quality testimonial of all the portfolio of customers. In 4 years, the newly created department represented 20% of the global revenue of the firm in Brazil, which until that time had auditing as a core business and was amongst the top 10 in Brazil.


When he realized that he could do even more for his customers, through the utilization of new technologies and an new range of services, Eric invited Bruno Antunes to be part of Ewaider&Co board of directors, a professional with over 8 years of experience in Outsourcing in the top 3 of Brazil and a vast knowledge of the American and European markets, acting directly in Outsourcing management with international customers.


As the difference of the services promoted by Ewaider&Co is the creation of a legal section, Dr. Carlos Piacentini was invited to join the board, carrying a vast experience in international customers in the area of tributary and associational consultancy. In this way, Ewaider&Co may implement another need of the market: One-Stop-Shop, becoming a complete enterprise in Outsourcing management.